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1980 - 1989

PP 644

LT 505

23 - 28 January 1989
Home And Beauty
William Somerset Maugham
A flirtatious woman loses her husband in the Great War, waits twelve months and then remarries. Then the war ends, and husband number one returns.
(Previously produced in 1971)

PP 645

LT 506

27 February - 4 March 1989
Wait Until Dark
Frederick Knott
A blind woman is terrorised in her home by a con-man, who is looking for a drug-filled doll given to her unwitting husband at the airport.
(Previously produced in 1974)

PP 646

LT 507

3 - 8 April 1989
Midsummer Mink
Peter Coke
When an old lady is passed a stolen fur coat by a crook on the run, she and her friends become "fences" for the benefit of charity.
(Previously produced in 1966)

PP 647

LT 508

8 - 13 May 1989
Dial 'M' For Murder
Frederick Knott
A former tennis professional marries for money, but when he learns his wife is having an affair, he arranges to have her murdered.
(Previously produced in 1965)

PP 648

LT 509

12 - 17 June 1989
Relative Values
Noel Coward
The son of a countess becomes engaged to a famous film star, to the dismay of the maid, who is the star's estranged sister.
(Previously produced in 1958)

PP 649

Play 539

LT 510

10 - 15 July 1989
The Dresser
Ronald Harwood
The last of a great but dying breed of English theatre actor-managers prepares to perform as King Lear, and depends on his faithful dressing-room assistant for everything.

PP 650

LT 511

4 - 9 September 1989
Time And Time Again
Alan Ayckbourn
A womaniser makes a beeline for his sport-mad employee's fiancee, but she prefers his poetic brother-in-law.
(Previously produced in 1978)

PP 651

LT 512

2 - 7 October 1989
A Letter From The General
Maurice McLoughlin
In a far-eastern country overrun by Communists in 1950, a group of nuns is about to evacuate, when a letter comes from the Province's new governor.
(Previously produced in 1966)

PP 652

LT 513

6 - 11 November 1989
Signpost To Murder
Monte Doyle
An asylum inmate escapes; if he can hide at a nearby woman's home for two weeks, he can have a new trial. Or so his doctor says.
(Previously produced in 1979)

PP 653

LT 514

4 - 9 December 1989
The Heiress
Ruth & Augustus Goetz
A naive young heiress receives a marriage proposal from a fortune-hunter. When the marriage is forbidden by her father, the heiress suggests an elopement.
(Previously produced in 1973 and 1952)
Adapted from the novel "Washington Square" by Henry James.

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