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1990 - 1999

PP 654

LT 515

15 - 20 January 1990
Barefoot In The Park
Neil Simon
A newlywed couple move into their cold New York apartment, and find they must also contend with their eccentric upstairs neighbour.
(Previously produced in 1971)

PP 655

LT 516

19 - 24 February 1990
All My Sons
Arthur Miller
Convicted of making faulty parts for US warplanes, a man struggles to come to terms with having sent men, including his own son, to their deaths.
(Previously produced in 1958)

PP 656

Play 540

LT 517

26 - 31 March 1990
A Tomb With A View
Norman Robbins
After a sinister family (which includes a "werewolf", a would-be Caesar and a murderous spinster) hear a will reading involving millions of pounds, the death toll begins.

PP 657

Play 541

LT 518

30 April - 5 May 1990
Edward Percy & Reginald Denham
Cleared of a murder charge years earlier, a woman comes under renewed suspicion when her son falls in love with a reporter's daughter.

PP 658

Play 542

LT 519

4 - 9 June 1990
Summer Of The Seventeenth Doll
Ray Lawler
Two cane-cutters spend every summer layoff with two women in their Melbourne home. Then one of the women leaves to get married.

PP 659

LT 520

15 - 16 June 1990
How He Lied To Her Husband
George Bernard Shaw
In 1900's London, a woman is worried some stolen love-poems will reveal her affair to her husband, so the lovers decide to confess.
(Previously produced in 1920)
Comedy, 1-Act.
"Progressive Players 70th Birthday Celebration".

PP 660

Play 543

LT 521

15 - 16 June 1990
Michael Green
A murder has been committed at an English country manor, and the investigating detective must deal with red herrings, bad acting and a creaky set!
Comedy-Thriller, 1-Act.
"Progressive Players 70th Birthday Celebration".

PP 661

Play 544

LT 522

9 - 14 July 1990
Neil Simon
In 1890, the residents of a remote Ukrainian village hires a teacher to break a 200 year-old curse of stupidity within a day. If he fails, he then also becomes stupid.

PP 662

Play 545

LT 523

3 - 8 September 1990
Same Time Next Year
Bernard Slade
An accountant and a housewife, both of whom are married, meet at an inn in 1951, and continue a one-day-a-year love affair lasting 24 years.

PP 663

Play 546

LT 524

8 - 13 October 1990
Dangerous Obsession
Norman James Crisp
A man, obsessed with finding someone to blame for his wife's fatal car accident, holds a married couple at gunpoint in search of the truth.

PP 664

Play 547

LT 525

12 - 17 November 1990
A Month Of Sundays
Bob Larbey
Two old men pass their days in a retirement home, replying to condescending family visits and inevitable death with ascerbic humour.

PP 665

LT 526

10 - 15 December 1990
The Importance Of Being Earnest
Oscar Wilde
Two English gentlemen in the 1890's both secretly use the name 'Ernest' in their double lives, causing complications in their respective love affairs.
(Previously produced in 1970, 1949 and 1921)

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