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1990 - 1999

PP 666

LT 527

14 - 19 January 1991
Bedroom Farce
Alan Ayckbourn
The marital disasters of one couple weave in and out of the bedrooms of three other couples.
(Previously produced in 1981)

PP 667

LT 528

18 - 23 February 1991
David Turner
In 1963 England, a social climbing insurance salesman spurs his family ever upward, but his married daughter announces she is to divorce.
(Previously produced in 1978)


PP 668

Play 548

LT 529

18 - 23 March 1991
The Understanding
Angela Huth
An elderly couple live in a rambling London house with the wife's two sisters, with one of whom the husband has had a long affair.

PP 669

Play 549

LT 530

22 - 27 April 1991
Rape Of The Belt
Ben W Levy
In mythical Ancient Greece, a mighty hero is tasked to steal a belt from the queen of a female warrior tribe, as the Gods look down on his progress and pass witty comments.

PP 670

Play 550

LT 531

3 - 8 June 1991
Woman In Mind
Alan Ayckbourn
In the throes of a nervous breakdown, a woman seeks escape from her dysfunctional family by replacing them with her own imaginary ideals.

PP 671

LT 532

8 - 13 July 1991
Bell, Book And Candle
John Van Druten
A modern-day witch likes her neighbour but despises his fiancee, so enchants him to love her instead.
(Previously produced in 1972)

PP 672

Play 551

LT 533

2 - 7 September 1991
Murder By The Book
Duncan Greenwood & Robert King
A thriller writer has a vitriolic exchange with his wife, who then apparently shoots him. Their neighbour turns detective to solve the crime.

PP 673

LT 534

7 - 12 October 1991
Arms And The Man
George Bernard Shaw
During the 1885 Serbo-Bulgarian War, a young Serb soldier is given sanctuary by the beautiful daughter of a rich Bulgarian family.
(Previously produced in 1971, 1938, 1923 and 1921)

PP 674

Play 552

LT 535

11 - 16 November 1991
My Mother Said I Never Should
Charlotte Keatley
Four women explore their lives, loves and expectations against the backdrop of the 20th Century's huge social changes.

PP 675

Play 553

LT 536

9 - 14 December 1991
While The Sun Shines
Terence Rattigan
On his wedding day, an earl sets up a visiting US army officer with an old girlfriend, but the American and the earl's fiancee fall in love.

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