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1990 - 1999

PP 676

LT 537

13 - 18 January 1992
The Poker Session
Hugh Leonard
Members of a family are brought together for a poker game after the release of one of its number from an insane asylum, but a surprise visitor forces each of them to confront their own insanities.
(Previously produced in 1972)

PP 677

Play 554

LT 538

17 - 22 February 1992
All Things Bright And Beautiful
Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall
A couple residing in a house due for demolition are finally rehoused, but are dismayed to learn that they have been allocated to an ugly block of flats.

PP 678

Play 555

LT 539

23 - 28 March 1992
Touch And Go
Derek Benfield
Encouraged by his wife to take up jogging, a man carries on an affair at his friend's house, unaware that his wife is also having an affair of her own.

PP 679

LT 540

27 April - 2 May 1992
The Rivals
Richard Brinsley Sheridan
A rich sea captain pretends to be a penniless ensign, because his lady love is determined to marry a man who despises wealth.
(Previously produced in 1974, 1954 and 1928)

PP 680

Play 556

LT 541

1 - 6 June 1992
Steel Magnolias
Robert Harling
In a Louisiana beauty parlor, a group of women exchange views on life, love and hairstyles, then a tragic death has a profound effect on all of them.

PP 681

Play 557

LT 542

6 - 11 July 1992
A Streetcar Named Desire
Tennessee Williams
A disturbed woman moves in with her sister in New Orleans, but is tormented by her brutish brother-in-law.

PP 682

LT 543

7 - 12 September 1992
Home At Seven
Rebert Cedric Sherriff
A bank official goes missing for a day and has no memory of the time, but is then suspected of murdering the steward of his local club.
(Previously produced in 1967)

PP 683

LT 544

5 - 10 October 1992
How The Other Half Loves
Alan Ayckbourn
Two menages project their infidelities onto a third, totally innocent but socially retarded couple.
(Previously produced in 1975)

PP 684

LT 545

9 - 14 November 1992
Spring And Port Wine
Bill Naughton
In 1960's Bolton, a man rules his family with a rod of iron, but a small act of rebellion turns into a battle of wills.
(Previously produced in 1979)

PP 685

LT 546

14 - 19 December 1992
The Circle
William Somerset Maugham
In 1919, an MP refuses to forgive his mother for running off with his father's best friend thirty years before.
(Previously produced in 1979)

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