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1990 - 1999

PP 686

LT 547

18 - 23 January 1993
Separate Tables
Terence Rattigan
The manageress of an English south coast hotel helps two couples through their various problems.
(Previously produced in 1968)

PP 687

Play 558

LT 548

22 - 27 February 1993
Lettice And Lovage
Peter Shaffer
A stately home tourist guide is sacked for embellishing her script, then forms an unlikely friendship with the woman who fired her.

PP 688

Play 559

LT 549

29 March - 3 April 1993
Beyond Reasonable Doubt
Jeffrey Archer
A distinguished senior lawyer, on trial for the murder of his terminally-ill wife, is locked in legal battle with an old rival and arch enemy.

PP 689

Play 560

LT 550

10 - 15 May 1993
Men Should Weep
Ena Lamont Stewart
In 1930's Glasgow, a couple battles squalor, illness and unemployment, and are forced to adapt when their eldest daughter leaves home.

PP 690

Play 561

LT 551

14 - 19 June 1993
Boeing Boeing
Beverley Cross
A Parisian architect juggles love affairs with three air hostesses by carefully tracking their flight timetables, but then a faster airliner is introduced.
Translated and adapted from the play "Boeing Boeing" by Marc Camoletti.

PP 691

Play 562

LT 552

19 - 24 July 1993
Stepping Out
Richard Harris
The hopes and fears of the members of a tap dance night class are revealed as they try to learn a routine for a big charity event.

PP 692

Play 563

LT 553

6 - 11 September 1993
Murder In Company
Philip King & John Boland
A church hall drama society's rehearsal of a thriller is abruptly halted with the discovery that the caretaker has been murdered.

PP 693

LT 554

4 - 9 October 1993
Saturday, Sunday, Monday
Eduardo de Filippo
In Naples, a family's weekend gathering is fraught with accusations of infidelity, lover's tiffs, and general differences of opinion.
(Previously produced in 1977)
Translated by Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall.

PP 694

Play 564

LT 555

22 - 23 October 1993
Mother Figure
Alan Ayckbourn
A housewife is so completely absorbed with her role of mother in the absence of her husband that she treats her concerned neighbours as children.
Comedy, One-Act.

PP 695

Play 565

LT 556

22 - 23 October 1993
The Suit
Author Unknown
A young man celebrates a huge win on the football pools, then realises that the coupon is still in the pocket of his suit.
Comedy, One-Act

PP 696

Play 566

LT 557

8 - 13 November 1993
I Thought I Heard A Rustling
Alan Plater
A librarian, a writer-in-residence and an aspiring author are united in their attempts to stop the proposed closure of the local library.

PP 697

LT 558

6 - 11 December 1993
Too Clever By Half
Rodney Ackland
In 19th Century Russia, a young man starts an affair, but his mistress seeks revenge when she discovers he is engaged to another.
(Previously produced in 1955)
Based on an original play by Alexander Ostrovsky. Also known as "Diary Of A Scoundrel".

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