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1990 - 1999

PP 698

LT 559

17 - 22 January 1994
My Three Angels
Sam & Bella Spewack
In French Guiana, three convicts are employed to maintain a storekeeper's house, and help him retain his business from an evil cousin.
(Previously produced in 1962)
Translated from the play "La Cuisine Des Anges" by Albert Husson.

PP 699

Play 567

LT 560

21 - 26 February 1994
Come On, Jeeves
P G Wodehouse & Guy Bolton
An earl decides to try his hand as a turf accountant, and must be helped out of various mishaps by the ingenuity of his on-loan butler.

PP 700

LT 561

21 - 26 March 1994
Patrick Hamilton
In Victorian London, a woman cowers in fear during her husband's nightly absences from home, under the mysteriously flickering gas lamps.
(Previously produced in 1982)

PP 701

Play 568

LT 562

9 - 14 May 1994
The Sunshine Boys
Neil Simon
An ex-vaudeville double-act (who can't stand each other) are reluctantly reunited to take part in a "history of comedy" show on network television.

PP 702

Play 569

LT 563

13 - 18 June 1994
Tom Gallacher
An eccentric spinster earns money by typing up the manuscripts of budding authors. An encounter with one of her clients sheds light on her unique approach to life.

PP 703

LT 564

18 - 23 July 1994
Mystery At Blackwater
Dan Sutherland
In Victorian England, the lives of two half-sisters are caught up in conspiracy, love and murder, revolving around a mentally ill woman dressed all in white.
(Previously produced in 1968)
Adapted from the novel "The Woman In White" by Wilkie Collins.

PP 704

LT 565

5 - 10 September 1994
Just The Ticket
John Waterhouse
A traffic warden's hobby (collecting stuffed birds) seemingly pays off when his latest acquisition is found to be stuffed with money.
(Previously produced in 1977)

PP 705

LT 566

3 - 8 October 1994
Breaking Point
William Fairchild
When a geologist is murdered at a South Pole research post, his father (who financed the post) arrives to close the operation and find the culprit.
(Previously produced in 1968)

PP 706

LT 567

7 - 12 November 1994
Butterflies Are Free
Leonard Gershe
In 1969 New York, a blind bachelor finds romance with the free-spirited young actress living in the next apartment, but his overprotective mother disapproves of her.
(Previously produced in 1975)

PP 707

Play 570

LT 568

5 - 10 December 1994
Last Tango In Whitby
Mike Harding
While on a trip to Whitby, a chance meeting between a recently widowed woman and a man trapped in a loveless marriage develops into a mutual attraction.

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