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1990 - 1999

PP 708

Play 571

LT 569

16 - 21 January 1995
Cat's Cradle
Leslie Sands
With new evidence, a police inspector reopens a village kidnap case he failed to solve years earlier, but his enquiries are greeted with conspiracy and silence at every turn.

PP 709

Play 572

LT 570

20 - 25 February 1995
The Business Of Murder
Richard Harris
When a TV authoress arrives at a man's flat to discuss his wife's script, she is surprised to find her police detective lover there too.

PP 710

Play 573

LT 571

27 March - 1 April 1995
The Man Who Fell In Love With His Wife
Ted Whitehead
When a Liverpool dockworker's wife takes a Civil Service job, he becomes obsessed with the idea that she is having an affair with her new boss.

PP 711

LT 572

8 - 13 May 1995
And A Nightingale Sang
Cecil Philip Taylor
In Newcastle during World War II, a close-knit family live from one day to the next amid air-raid sirens and fears of poison gas attacks.
(Previously produced in 1985)

PP 712

Play 574

LT 573

12 - 17 June 1995
The Odd Couple (Female Version)
Neil Simon
Two women, one happily divorced, the other newly-separated and suicidal, come to realise that sharing a New York apartment may not have been such a good idea.

PP 713

Play 575

LT 574

17 - 22 July 1995
Worm's Eye View
Ronald Frederick Delderfield
Unhappy at having five RAF pilots billeted at her home in World War II, a landlady is kind to them but takes her wrath out on her family.

PP 714

Play 576

LT 575

4 - 9 September 1995
Leslie Sands
A British TV star returns home to find his wife dead, but, as his career is in decline, the question arises as to whether her death was due to suicide or murder.

PP 715

LT 576

2 - 7 October 1995
Everybody Loves Opal
John Patrick
Three petty crooks hide in a middle-aged woman's ramshackle house, and hatch a get-rich-quick scheme involving insurance and murder.
(Previously produced in 1980 and 1974)

PP 716

LT 577

6 - 11 November 1995
The Glass Menagerie
Tennessee Williams
In a 1940's St Louis slum, a woman hopes her alcoholic son's friend will prove a suitable match for her crippled daughter.
(Previously produced in 1971)

PP 717

Play 577

LT 578

11 - 16 December 1995
Run For Your Wife
Ray Cooney
A bigamous London cab driver is taken to hospital suffering from concussion after a car accident, and must cope with irate wives and prying policemen.

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