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1990 - 1999

PP 718

Play 578

LT 579

15 - 20 January 1996
Under The Stars
Richard Crane
When a famous actress is brought in to understudy a West End show's equally famous star, the two regular understudies express their resentment.

PP 719

LT 580

19 - 24 February 1996
Night Watch
Lucille Fletcher
In New York, an insomniac woman claims she has seen a dead body through the window of the opposite building, so her husband calls on the help of a psychiatrist.
(Previously produced in 1977)

PP 720

LT 581

25 - 30 March 1996
Educating Rita
Willy Russell
A jaded English Literature tutor accepts a brash young hairdresser onto his Open University course, and each helps the other to learn to believe in themselves again.
(Previously produced in 1988)

PP 721

Play 579

LT 582

29 April - 4 May 1996
Dancing At Lughnasa
Brian Friel
In 1936 Ireland, five impoverished spinsters and their brothers raise an illegitimate son, but all changes when the real father turns up.

PP 722

LT 583

10 - 15 June 1996
The Anniversary
Bill MacIlwraith
A widow keeps a tight hold on her three sons by exploiting their weaknesses, but revolt is in the air at long last.
(Previously produced in 1981)

PP 723

LT 584

22 - 27 July 1996
Hobson's Choice
Harold Brighouse
In 1880's Lancashire, a shoe shop owner's daughter marries the shop's best cobbler, then sets up a rival business.
(Previously produced in 1980 and 1954)

PP 724

Play 580

LT 585

9 - 14 September 1996
Time Of My Life
Alan Ayckbourn
The story of a couple, their two sons, and their love lives are explored in three different time frames against the backdrop of a family-run restaurant.

PP 725

Play 581

LT 586

14 - 19 October 1996
Pink String And Sealing Wax
Roland Pertwee
In late 1800's Brighton, a father's strict family attitudes are softened when he must protect his son against a murder incrimination.

PP 726

Play 582

LT 587

11 - 16 November 1996
Present From The Past
Richard Everett
Three siblings, whose father died when they were children, uncover secrets as they gather at their recently deceased mother's house.

PP 727

Play 583

LT 588

9 - 14 December 1996
Birthday Suite
Robin Hawdon
A married man is given a hotel room and a girl for his birthday by his best friend, but, as other guests arrive, the hotel porter somehow manages to mix up everyone's rooms.

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