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1990 - 1999

PP 728

LT 589

20 - 25 January 1997
Hindle Wakes
Stanley Houghton
During a Lancashire mill town's holiday week, two young people are discovered having a secret fling, and are pressured to marry.
(Previously produced in 1978 and 1923)

PP 729

Play 584

LT 590

17 - 22 February 1997
Murder With Love
Francis Durbridge
A lawyer plans to kill the man he holds responsible for the death of his wife and son, but is apparently beaten to it by natural causes.

PP 730

Play 585

LT 591

17 - 22 March 1997
The Maintenance Man
Richard Harris
A divorced DIY enthusiast constantly visits his former marital home, but his new love resents his being with his children and his Black & Decker drill.

PP 731

Play 586

LT 592

28 April - 3 May 1997
Rough Justice
Terence Frisby
Accused of murdering his severely disabled child, a man chooses to conduct his own legal defence against a Catholic "pro-life" senior lawyer.

PP 732

Play 587

LT 593

9 - 13 June 1997
The Weekend
Michael Palin
Irked by the prospect of a family gathering, a world-weary man does his best to be as difficult as possible, while his long-suffering wife tries to cope with his rudeness.

PP 733

Play 588

LT 594

14 - 19 July 1997
Double Cut
Alfred Shaughnessy
A diamond heiress finds she is alone in doubting the claims of a stranger who turns up at her Spanish villa claiming to be her supposedly dead brother.
Adapted from the 1958 movie "Cast A Crooked Shadow".

PP 734

Play 589

LT 595

8 - 13 September 1997
The Petition
Brian Clark
A staunch Conservative is aghast to learn his wife is a long-time secret Labour Party supporter, but then she reveals she is dying of cancer.

PP 735

LT 596

13 - 18 October 1997
Outside Edge
Richard Harris
The manager of an amateur cricket team has problems assembling his players for their big Sunday afternoon match.
(Previously produced in 1983)

PP 736

Play 590

LT 597

10 - 15 November 1997
Another Time
Ronald Harwood
After his father dies, a gifted young pianist's path to fame is furthered by his mother, but, 35 years later, he has shattering news to break to her.

PP 737

Play 591

LT 598

8 - 13 December 1997
Eric Chappell
A neurotic playwright, suffering writer's block, is given a goblet used by Lord Byron, and is soon being given inspiration by the ghost of the great poet himself.

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