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1990 - 1999

PP 738

LT 599

19 - 24 January 1998
Murder Mistaken
Janet Green
A psychotic man murders his wife for her money, only to find himself worse off than before, and so decides to try again.
(Previously produced in 1977)

PP 739

Play 592

LT 600

16 - 21 February 1998
Building Blocks
Bob Larbey
A couple having an extension built onto their house find that their charming yet evasive builder has their job low on his list of priorities.

PP 740

Play 593

LT 601

16 - 21 March 1998
John Harrison
A woman diagnosed with cancer rents a secluded cottage for a week away from her husband, in order to take stock of her life, and finds herself attracted to the local odd-job man.

PP 741

LT 602

27 April - 2 May 1998
The King's Mare
Jean Canolle
King Henry VIII's fourth bride-to-be, Anne of Cleves, is none too excited about risking her head for a man she has never met.
(Previously produced in 1969)
Translated and adapted by Anita Loos from the play "La Jument Due Roi".

PP 742

Play 594

LT 603

8 - 13 June 1998
Eric Chappell
A burglar, caught in the act by the owners of the house and their friends, proceeds to disclose all kinds of secrets about each of them.

PP 743

Play 595

LT 604

13 - 18 July 1998
Who Lies There?
Phillip Johnson
A newlywed couple's cellar door keeps opening by itself, which arouses the curiosity of the neighbours, especially when a woman's dead body is found in the cellar.

PP 744

LT 605

7 - 12 September 1998
Ira Levin
Writer's block threatens to leave a top thriller author's life in ruins, until he reads the unpublished manuscript of a brilliant first novel by one of his own students.
(Previously produced in 1984)

PP 745

Play 596

LT 606

12 - 17 October 1998
Neville's Island
Tim Firth
Four businessmen go on a teambuilding exercise in the English Lake District and get stranded on a Derwentwater island, forcing them to struggle for survival until help arrives.

PP 746

LT 607

9 - 14 November 1998
The Sound Of Murder
William Fairchild
The wife of a children's book author plots to kill him, but her accidentally-taped conversation with her lover is found by the author's secretary.
(Previously produced in 1976)

PP 747

LT 608

7 - 12 December 1998
Blithe Spirit
Noel Coward
The ghost of a novelist's first wife arranges his death so that he can join her in the spirit world, but kills his second wife instead by mistake.
(Previously produced in 1980 and 1965)

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