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1990 - 1999

PP 748

LT 609

18 - 23 January 1999
Relatively Speaking
Alan Ayckbourn
A young woman visits her older lover to end their affair, but her boyfriend thinks she is going to see her parents, and follows her.
(Previously produced in 1987 and 1970)

PP 749

LT 610

15 - 20 February 1999
Lord Arthur Savile's Crime
Constance Cox
Warned by a fortune teller that he will commit murder, an aristocrat decides it would be best to fulfill the prophecy before he marries.
(Previously produced in 1988 and 1973)
Adapted from the short story "Lord Arthur Savile's Crime" by Oscar Wilde.

PP 750

Play 597

LT 611

15 - 20 March 1999
Simon Brett
A former musical theatre star appears to be innocent of her husband's murder, but the drunken journalist in her bed seems decidedly suspicious.

PP 751

Play 598

LT 612

26 April - 1 May 1999
Party Piece
Richard Harris
A doctor and his wife host a fancy-dress house-warming party in their back garden, and have to deal with their noisy neighbours at the same time.

PP 752

LT 613

7 - 12 June 1999
84 Charing Cross Road
James Roose-Evans
A struggling young writer in New York orders a book from a dealer in London, and their subsequent ongoing correspondence forms the basis of a friendship lasting almost twenty years.
(Previously produced in 1988)
Adapted from the autobiography "84 Charing Cross Road" by Helene Hanff.

PP 753

LT 614

12 - 17 July 1999
Come Blow Your Horn
Neil Simon
Two New York brothers decide to leave the family waxed-fruit business and experience the good life, much to their father's annoyance.
(Previously produced in 1980 and 1972)

PP 754

Play 599

LT 615

6 - 11 September 1999
The Fifteen Streets
Rob Bettinson
In 1910 Tyneside, a docker from a family of ill-repute falls in love with a respectable school mistress, but the pair are met with prejudice from all sides.
Adapted from the novel "The Fifteen Streets" by Catherine Cookson.

PP 755

Play 600

LT 616

11 - 16 October 1999
Rise And Shine
Lee Alexander
Marital relations become strained when a husband forgets his 30th wedding anniversary. The couple confide in their neighbour, who has problems of her own.
Comedy, First Performance Of A New Play.

PP 756

Play 601

LT 617

8 - 13 November 1999
Therese Raquin
Leslie Sands
In 1870's Paris, a woman embarks on a love affair with her husband's best friend, and then murders her husband.
Adapted from the novel "Therese Raquin" by Emile Zola.

PP 757

Play 602

LT 618

6 - 11 December 1999
Trivial Pursuits
Frank Vickery
At their annual meeting, the members of an amateur operatics group each try to influence the director's choice of their next production.

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