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2000 - 2009

PP 758

LT 619

17 - 22 January 2000
On Golden Pond
Ernest Thompson
An elderly couple return to their lakeside summer house for the 44th annual visit, and enjoy the company of their daughter's fiance's young son.
(Previously produced in 1987)

PP 759

LT 620

14 - 19 February 2000
Dangerous Corner
John Boynton Priestley
In 1932, a cosy evening between friends is shattered by the production of a music-box, which sparks life-changing revelations.
(Previously produced in 1988 and 1966)

PP 760

LT 621

13 - 18 March 2000
Spring At Marino
Constance Cox
In 1860 rural Russia, two young men come to realise that their relationships with their fathers have fallen into neglect.
(Previously produced in 1983 and 1954)
Based on the novel "Fathers And Sons" by Ivan Turgenev.

PP 761

LT 622

10 - 15 April 2000
Breath Of Spring
Peter Coke
A group of elderly ladies, led with military precision by a retired army colonel, steal fur coats to sell, donating the money to charity.
(Previously produced in 1960)

PP 762

LT 623

5 - 10 June 2000
Twelve Angry Men
Reginald Rose
A jury is forced to debate its almost unanimous verdict in the case of a young boy on trial for the murder of his father.
(Previously produced in 1975)

PP 763

Play 603

LT 624

10 - 15 July 2000
Don't Dress For Dinner
Robin Hawdon
To provide an alibi for a country house rendezvous with his lover, a man enlists the help of his best friend, unaware that he is in fact having an affair with his wife.
Translated from the play "Pyjamas Pour Six" by Marc Camoletti.

PP 764

LT 625

4 - 9 September 2000
Dial 'M' For Murder
Frederick Knott
A former tennis professional marries for money, but when he learns his wife is having an affair, he arranges to have her murdered.
(Previously produced in 1989 and 1965)

PP 765

LT 626

9 - 15 October 2000
Same Time Next Year
Bernard Slade
An accountant and a housewife, both of whom are married, meet at an inn in 1951, and continue a one-day-a-year love affair lasting 24 years.
(Previously produced in 1990)

PP 766

Play 604

LT 627

13 - 18 November 2000
Dead Of Night
Peter Whalley
After being acquitted of manslaughter, a man recounts the crucial events to his girlfriend and their neighbours, but doubts are cast on the veracity of his self-defence plea.

PP 767

Play 605

LT 628

11 - 16 December 2000
Stephen Briggs
A bizarre fantasy planet's personification of Death decides to train up an apprentice, but the successful applicant soon comes to realise that romantic longings do not sit well with the job.
Adapted from the novel "Mort" by Terry Pratchett.

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