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2000 - 2009

PP 768

Play 606

LT 629

15 - 20 January 2001
That Good Night
Norman James Crisp
A cantankerous, terminally-ill septuagenarian author has the opportunity to be reconciled with his long-abandoned son.

PP 769

Play 607

LT 630

12 - 17 February 2001
A Party To Murder
Marcia Cash & Douglas E Hughes
Six people gather at a secluded cottage for a Halloween murder mystery weekend, but a real murder is not long in coming.

PP 770

Play 608

LT 631

12 - 17 March 2001
The Decorator
Donald Churchill
While earning money as a house decorator, an out-of-work actor is drawn into a confrontation between a woman and her husband's lover.

PP 771

Play 609

LT 632

23 - 28 April 2001
The Hand And The Word
Andrew & Lorraine Heard and Julian & Marie Brown
In 1820's Ireland, the inhabitants of a coastal village unite against a local villain suspected of murder.
Drama, 1-Act, First Performance Of A New Play
Adapted from the short story "The Hand And The Word" by Gerald Griffin. An animation film by Simon Grennan & Chris Sperandio.

PP 772

LT 633

23 - 28 April 2001
Black Comedy
Peter Shaffer
A young sculptor is preparing to meet both is fiancee's tyrannical father and a millionaire arts patron, when the lights in his flat fuse out.
(Previously produced in 1984)
Comedy, 1-Act.

PP 773

Play 610

LT 634

4 - 9 June 2001
House On The Cliff
George Batson
A paralysed woman who lives in a house reputed to be haunted is attended by a new doctor, and before long two people are murdered.
Adapted from the TV play "House On The Cliff" by George Batson & Donn Harmon.

PP 774

Play 611

LT 635

9 - 14 July 2001
Caramba's Revenge
William Norfolk
Three retired ladies continue claiming their recently deceased friend's pension, and realise that there's more where that came from.

PP 775

Play 612

LT 636

3 - 8 September 2001
The Murder Game
Constance Cox
With help from a stranger, a man murders his wife so that he can marry his lover, but the stranger returns later demanding an unusual payment for his assistance.

PP 776

Play 613

LT 637

8 - 13 October 2001
Miss Roach's War
Richard Kane
In 1943 England, a dowdy woman is befriended by a handsome American army officer and a beautiful German woman, but ends up being betrayed by both.
Adapted from the novel "The Slaves Of Solitude" by Patrick Hamilton.

PP 777

Play 614

LT 638

12 - 17 November 2001
Biting The Bullet
Frank Vickery
When her husband of 32 years leaves her, a woman falls into despair at first, but then comes to realise that life still has plenty to offer.

PP 778

LT 639

10 - 15 December 2001
The Constant Wife
William Somerset Maugham
In 1927 London, a doctor's wife pretends to be unaware of her husband's love affair, then resumes a liaison with her own former lover.
(Previously produced in 1972)

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