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2000 - 2009

PP 779

LT 640

14 - 19 January 2002
Close The Coalhouse Door
Alan Plater, lyrics by Alex Glasgow
A North East family gathers to celebrate a golden wedding, and recalls the history of the British coalminers Trade Union movement.
(Previously produced in 1988)
Adapted from stories written by Sid Chaplin.

PP 780

Play 615

LT 641

18 - 23 February 2002
Straight And Narrow
Jimmie Chinn
A gay male couple's relationship comes under threat when one of them decides he wants to marry a woman he met while on holiday.

PP 781

Play 616

LT 642

18 - 23 March 2002
Out Of Sight ... Out Of Murder
Fred Carmichael
A playwright comes to a lonely old house in order to finish writing a thriller, but soon finds his characters manifesting themselves and beginning to take over.

PP 782

Play 617

LT 643

29 April - 4 May 2002
The Cemetery Club
Ivan Menchell
A trio of Jewish widows meet once a month for tea before visiting their husbands' graves, but romance unexpectedly breaks out at the cemetery.

PP 783

Play 618

LT 644

3 - 8 June 2002
An Experiment With An Airpump
Shelagh Stephenson
In 1799, a Newcastle household buzzes with romance and science. In 1999, the same house yields a 200 year-old secret.

PP 784

Play 619

LT 645

8 - 13 July 2002
Dead Guilty
Richard Harris
Following her husband's death in a car crash, a woman strikes up a sinister friendship with his former lover.

PP 785

Play 620

LT 646

2 - 7 September 2002
Noises Off
Michael Frayn
The members of a touring theatre company rehearse and perform a farce titled "Nothing On", while having to deal with personal conflicts both on and off stage.

PP 786

Play 621

LT 647

7 - 12 October 2002
The Day They Kidnapped The Pope
Joao Bethencourt
A New York taxi driver kidnaps the Pope, and demands a ransom of at least 24 hours during which there must be no killing anywhere in the world.

PP 787

Play 622

LT 648

11 - 16 November 2002
Dead Ringer
Charles Ross
When the British Prime Minister dies on the eve of a General Election, senior Party officials hire a look-alike actor to impersonate him.

PP 788

Play 623

LT 649

9 - 14 December 2002
Season's Greetings
Alan Ayckbourn
A family gathers together for a traditional Christmas celebration, but old tensions soon rise to the surface.

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