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PP 809

Play 642

LT 670

17 - 22 January 2005
I'll Be Back Before Midnight
Peter Colley
A married couple rent an old farmhouse in the hope that the peace and quiet will help the wife recover from a nervous breakdown.

PP 810

LT 671

28 February - 5 March 2005
When We Are Married
John Boynton Priestley
Three couples celebrate their silver weddings, but discover that due to a mix-up they have never actually been married.
(Previously produced in 1983, 1964 and 1945)

PP 811

Play 643

LT 672

4 - 9 April 2005
Simon Moore
After a car crash, a novelist is held hostage and forced to rewrite a novel featuring his captor's favourite character.
Adapted from the novel "Misery" by Stephen King.

PP 812

Play 644

LT 673

9 - 14 May 2005
Daisy Pulls It Off
Denise Deegan
In 1927, a girl starts boarding school, but finds it difficult to gain acceptance from her peers at first.

PP 813

Play 645

LT 674

6 - 11 June 2005
Summer End
Eric Chappell
A bitter woman living in a retirement home believes a missing resident has been murdered, pointing the finger of blame at everyone else. Then suspicion finally falls on her.

PP 814

LT 675

11 - 16 July 2005
An Inspector Calls
John Boynton Priestley
As a family celebrates the engagement of their daughter to the son of a business rival, an inspector arrives to investigate a girl's suicide.
(Previously produced in 1977 and 1948)

PP 815

Play 646

LT 676

5 - 10 September 2005
Snake In The Grass
Alan Ayckbourn
With help from her lesbian lover, a woman sets up a macabre plan to get her sister's inheritance, following the death of their father.

PP 816

Play 647

LT 677

10 - 15 October 2005
Count Dracula
Ted Tiller
A Transylvanian nobleman prolongs his life by drinking the blood of his victims, but finds himself pursued by a student of the occult.
Adapted from the novel "Dracula" by Bram Stoker.

PP 817

Play 648

LT 678

7 - 12 November 2005
The Memory Of Water
Shelagh Stephenson
Three sisters gather at the home of their recently deceased mother, and finds their memories of the past do not agree.

PP 818

Play 649

LT 679

12 - 17 December 2005
Cards On The Table
Leslie Darbon
A female crime novelist joins forces with a police superintendant to solve a murder which was committed in plain sight during a game of bridge.
Adapted from the novel "Cards On The Table" by Agatha Christie.

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