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PP 829

Play 657

LT 690

15 - 20 January 2007
Hock And Soda Water
John Mortimer
An old man looks back on his life, and imagines meeting his younger selves, reflecting on love and missed opportunities.

PP 830

LT 691

19 - 24 February 2007
The Importance Of Being Earnest
Oscar Wilde
Two English gentlemen in the 1890's both secretly use the name "Ernest" in their double lives, causing complications in their respective love affairs.
(Previously produced in 1990, 1970, 1949 and 1921)

PP 831

LT 692

19 - 24 March 2007
The Poker Session
Hugh Leonard
Members of a family are brought together for a poker game after the release of one of its number from an insane asylum, but a surprise visitor forces each of them to confront their own insanities.
(Previously produced in 1992 and 1972)

PP 832

Play 658

LT 693

23 - 28 April 2007
The Cracked Pot
Blake Morrison
In the Yorkshire town of Skipton, in 1810, a judge's doubtful practices fall under the scrutiny of a visiting inspector, just as a particularly unusual case comes to his courtroom.
Translated and adapted from the play "Der Zerbrochene Krug" by Heinrich von Kleist.

PP 833

28 May 2007
John Godber
Three schoolchildren stage their own end-of-term play, reflecting the hopes and fears of themselves, their friends and their teachers.
(Previously produced in 2006)
Performed as an entry at the Wakefield Drama Festival.

PP 834

Play 659

LT 694

4 - 9 June 2007
The Talented Mr Ripley
Phyllis Nagy
In the late 1950's, a charismatic young man travels to Europe to locate a spoilt playboy and return him to his worried parents, but is seduced by the playboy lifestyle.

PP 835

LT 695

9 - 14 July 2007
Patrick Hamilton
In Victorian London, a woman cowers in fear during her husband's nightly absences from home, under the mysteriously flickering gas lamps.
(Previously produced in 1994 and 1982)

PP 836

LT 696

3 - 8 September 2007
I Thought I Heard A Rustling
Alan Plater
A librarian, a writer-in-residence and an aspiring author are united in their attempts to stop the proposed closure of the local library.
(Previously produced in 1993)

PP 837

Play 660

LT 697

8 - 13 October 2007
Love Me Slender
Vanessa Brooks
The members of a weekly church hall slimming club find themselves at odds with their leader's strict methods.

PP 838

Play 661

LT 698

12 - 17 November 2007
The Beauty Queen Of Leenane
Martin McDonough
A lonely woman decides to defy her aging, manipulative mother in a final desperate attempt to find love.

PP 839

LT 699

10 - 15 December 2007
On The Razzle
Tom Stoppard
Two shop workers go in search of adventure in Vienna, while trying to avoid their stern employer.
(Previously produced in 1986)
Translated by Neville & Stephen Plaice from the play "Einen Fux Will Er Sich Machen" by Johann Nestroy.

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