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2000 - 2009

PP 852

Play 669

LT 712

19 - 24 January 2009
The Anastasia File
Royce Ryton
A bewildered woman, recuperating in hospital after being saved from a suicide attempt in 1920 Berlin, breaks her silence by claiming to be the Grand Duchess Anastasia, survivor of the Russian Revolution.

PP 853

Play 670

LT 713

16 - 21 February 2009
The Lady In The Van
Alan Bennett
In 1971, an eccentric old vagrant woman parks her run-down camper van in the garden of playwright Alan Bennett, where she remains until her death fifteen years later.

PP 854

Play 671

LT 714

23 - 28 March 2009
Murder By Misadventure
Edward Taylor
One half of a successful TV thriller writing duo decides to go solo, and must resort to murder when his less creative partner uses blackmail in his attempt to keep the team together.

PP 855

LT 715

27 April - 2 May 2009
A Month Of Sundays
Bob Larbey
Two old men pass their days in a retirement home, replying to condescending family visits and inevitable death with ascerbic humour.
(Previously produced in 1990)

PP 856

Play 672

LT 716

8 - 13 June 2009
The Deep Blue Sea
Terence Rattigan
An ex-RAF hero finds himself appallingly out of his depth in his stifling Notting Hill bedsit romance with a judge's wife.

PP 857

Play 673

LT 717

6 - 11 July 2009
Taking Steps
Alan Ayckbourn
A man preparing to buy a house must deal with an incompetent solicitor's clerk, but is unaware that his wife (an aspiring dancer) wants to leave him.

PP 858

Play 674

LT 718

7 - 12 September 2009
Natural Causes
Eric Chappell
A sales rep for a voluntary euthanasia company tries to sell a deadly poison to an author whose wife appears intent on committing suicide.

PP 859

Play 675

LT 719

12 - 17 October 2009
The End Of The Affair
Rupert Goold & Caroline Butler
In 1946 London, an author's obsession with his ex-mistress is rekindled, but he becomes jealous when he learns she may be having another affair.
Adapted from the novel "The End Of The Affair" by Graham Greene.

PP 860

Play 676

LT 720

9 - 14 November 2009
The Blunderbuss Hall Murders
Essex Mann
An assorted group of fictional characters in an English country house thriller are dissatisfied with how their author is developing the plot.

PP 861

LT 721

7 - 12 December 2009
A Christmas Carol
Shaun Sutton
In Victorian London, a miserly businessman is made to see the error of his ways by the ghost of his former business partner and visions of his own past, present and future.
(Previously produced in 1981)
Adapted from the short story "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens.

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