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PP 862

Play 677

LT 722

18 - 23 January 2010
Blood Brothers
Willy Russell
To make ends meet, a Merseyside single mum with numerous children "sells" one of her newborn twin boys. Years later the boys chance to meet and become friends, unaware that their past is inexorably catching up with them.
This is not the musical but the original play, which contains one song, "Marilyn Monroe".

PP 863

Play 678

LT 723

15 - 20 February 2010
Peter Drake
Three aging bachelors set up their own escort agency in the hope of meeting women, but discover they are completely out of touch with modern dating methods. Fortunately, help is at hand.

PP 864

LT 724

15 - 20 March 2010
The Lion In Winter
James Goldman
Christmas, 1183; the aging King Henry II plans a family reunion to name his successor, but the candidates stop at nothing to stake their claim.
(Previously produced in 1979)

PP 865

Play 679

LT 725

19 -24 April 2010
Curtain Up On Murder
Bettine Manktelow
The members of an amateur dramatics society find they have been locked in the theatre while rehearsing a thriller, and are horrified to realise they are being murdered one by one.

PP 866

LT 726

7 - 12 June 2010
The Dresser
Ronald Harwood
The last of a great but dying breed of English theatre actor-managers prepares to perform as King Lear, and depends on his faithful dressing-room assistant for everything.
(Previously produced in 1989)

PP 867

LT 727

5 - 10 July 2010
Waiting In The Wings
Noel Coward
Former star stage actresses live out their declining years in a less-than-lavish retirement home aptly named "The Wings".
(Previously produced in 1974)

PP 868

Play 680

LT 728

6 - 11 September 2010
The Steamie
Tony Roper
It's Hogmanay in a Glasgow wash-house during the 1950's, and four women laugh, cry and sing their way through the last workday of the year, as the maintenance man tries to keep them in order.

PP 869

Play 681

LT 729

4 - 9 October 2010
Take Away The Lady
Jimmie Chinn
After 15 years in prison for murdering his mother, a man returns home still protesting his innocence, resulting in suspicion falling on each member of the family.

PP 870

LT 730

8 - 13 November 2010
The Accrington Pals
Peter Whelan
During the Great War, the trench-life experiences of a North England town's volunteer batallion contrast with those of the women left behind.
(Previously produced in 1984)

PP 871

LT 731

6 - 11 December 2010
The Servant Of Two Masters
David Turner & Paul Lapworth
In 18th Century Venice, a servant lands two jobs at once. But one 'master' is a woman in disguise looking for her lover, who is master number two.
(Previously produced in 1988 and 1970)
Translated and adapted from the play "Arlecchino Servitore Du Due Padroni" by Carlo Goldoni.

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