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PP 872

Play 682

LT 732

17 - 22 January 2011
Be My Baby
Amanda Whittington
A group of pregnant teenage girls living in a 1960's church-run mother-and-baby home find comfort in each other's friendship.

PP 873

LT 733

14 - 19 February 2011
Woman In Mind
Alan Ayckbourn
In the throes of a nervous breakdown, a woman seeks escape from her dysfunctional family by replacing them with her own imaginary ideals.
(Previously produced in 1991)

PP 874

Play 683

LT 734

14 - 19 March 2011
A Murder Is Announced
Leslie Darbon
A village newspaper advertisement announces a murder will be committed at a certain time, and, when the death duly takes place, an amateur spinster sleuth is on hand to investigate.
Adapted from the novel "A Murder Is Announced" by Agatha Christie.

PP 875

Play 684

LT 735

11 - 16 April 2011
Katherine Howard
William Nicholson
A lady-in-waiting becomes the fifth wife of King Henry VIII, but, when court intrigue throws suspicion on her loyalty, she soon finds her days are numbered.

PP 876

Play 685

LT 736

6 - 11 June 2011
Curtain Up!
Peter Quilter
To raise funds for the repair of a delapidated theatre, five women enlist the help of a famous star. However, when plans start to go awry they are forced into using a little subterfuge.

PP 877

Play 686

LT 737

4 - 9 July 2011
The Woman In White
Constance Cox
In Victorian England, the lives of two half-sisters are caught up in conspiracy, love, and murder, revolving around a mentally-ill woman dressed in white.
Adapted from the novel "The Woman In White" by Wilkie Collins.

PP 878

Play 687

LT 738

5 - 10 September 2011
London Suite
Neil Simon
In "Settling Accounts", a writer confronts his crooked accountant; in "Going Home", a widow is set up with a date by her well-meaning daughter; in "Diane & Sidney", a dying man pays a sentimental visit to his ex-wife; and in "The Man On The Floor", a couple mislay their Wimbledon tennis tickets.
Four 1-Act plays written for presentation under the collective title "London Suite".

PP 879

Play 688

LT 739

3 - 8 October 2011
Humble Boy
Charlotte Jones
Following the death of his father, a Cambridge astro-physicist returns to his middle England home and his difficult and demanding mother.

PP 880

LT 740

7 - 12 November 2011
A View From The Bridge
Arthur Miller
A simple-minded longshoreman takes in two of his wife's Italian cousins, both illegal immigrants to the US, but then one of them falls for his niece.
(Previously produced in 1983)

PP 881

Play 689

LT 741

5 - 10 December 2011
The 39 Steps
Patrick Barlow
A bored adventurer is caught up in a chase between London and the Scottish Highlands in a desperate attempt to stop a fiendish masterspy from taking government secrets out of the country.
Based on the 1935 movie "The 39 Steps" directed by Alfred Hitchcock, which was adapted from John Buchan's novel of the same title. The play was developed from an original concept by Simon Corble & Nobby Dimon.

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