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PP 882

Play 690

LT 742

16 - 21 January 2012
Veronica's Room
Ira Levin
In 1973 Boston, a university student agrees to impersonate the long-dead sister of a mentally addled woman who, she is told, believes it is 1935.

PP 883

Play 691

LT 743

13 - 18 February 2012
Brassed Off
Paul Allen
When a Yorkshire coal mine is designated for closure, a thousand jobs and the continued existence of the colliery brass band are at stake.
Adapted from the movie "Brassed Off", screenplay by Mark Herman.

PP 884

Play 692

LT 744

12 -17 March 2012
A Letter Of Resignation
Hugh Whitemore
A fictionalised account of how, in 1963, British prime minister Harold Macmillan is informed of the Profumo affair whilst attending a retirement party in Scotland.

PP 885

LT 745

16 - 21 April 2012
Lady Windermere's Fan
Oscar Wilde
In Victorian England, a lady believes her husband is having an affair and leaves him for another man, but is astonished when her husband's lover tries to save the marriage.
(Previously produced in 1964)

PP 886

Play 693

LT 746

11 - 16 June 2012
An Evening With Gary Lineker
Arthur Smith and Chris England
On holiday in Majorca, 1990, a frustrated housewife wants to discuss her failing marriage with her publisher husband, but he is totally absorbed in watching the England v West Germany football World Cup semi-final with his friends.

PP 887

Play 694

LT 747

16 - 21 July 2012
Legal Fictions
John Mortimer
A pair of 1-Act Plays. In "The Dock Brief", an incompetent barrister prepares a masterly defence for a murderer; and in "Edwin", a retired judge suspects that his son may in fact be the product of a one-night stand between his wife and his neighbour.
Two 1-Act plays written for presentation under the collective title "Legal Fictions".

PP 888

LT 748

3 - 8 September 2012
Blithe Spirit
Noel Coward
The ghost of a novelist's first wife arranges his death so that he can join her in the spirit world, but kills his second wife instead by mistake.
(Previously produced in 1998, 1980 and 1965)

PP 889

LT 749

1 - 6 October 2012
Crown Matrimonial
Royce Ryton
The British Royal household of 1936 is rocked by the scandal of King Edward VIII's romance with American divorcee Wallis Simpson.
(Previously produced in 1976)

PP 890

Play 695

LT 750

12 - 17 November 2012
The Late Edwina Black
William Dinner & William Morum
In late-Victorian England, the death of a wealthy woman by arsenic poisoning causes suspicion to fall on her husband and her companion, who are secretly lovers.

PP 891

Play 696

LT 751

10 - 15 December 2012
Neil Simon
Four affluent couples gather to celebrate a government official's tenth wedding anniversary, but, when they find he has attempted suicide, they decide to cover up a potential scandal from the police.

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