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PP 892

Play 697

LT 752

14 - 19 January 2013
Equally Divided
Ronald Harwood
Bitter childhood rivalries resurface between two sisters when the content of their mother's will is made known.

PP 893

LT 753

18 - 23 February 2013
Something To Hide
Leslie Sands
An author's wife has run over his mistress in a car and killed her. They agree to dispose of the body, as a detective tightens the net with his investigation.
(Previously produced in 1962)

PP 894

LT 754

18 - 23 March 2013
The Crucible
Arthur Miller
In 1692 Salem, Massachusetts, a group of young girls pretend to be possessed by the Devil, and spark a major series of witchcraft trials.
(Previously produced in 1969)

PP 895

Play 698

LT 755

22 - 27 April 2013
Wife After Death
Eric Chappell
The funeral of a famous comedian brings together his devoted wife, adoring agent and faithful gag-writer, but some home truths quickly emerge about the man they thought they knew.

PP 896

Play 699

LT 756

3 - 8 June 2013
We Happy Few
Imogen Stubbs
Seven women form a touring theatre company during World War II, experiencing personal triumphs and tragedies as they travel across Britain presenting Shakespeare's plays in schools and church halls.

PP 897

Play 700

LT 757

8 - 13 July 2013
My Cousin Rachel
Diana Morgan
In early 1800's Cornwall, a young heir believes his uncle has been murdered for his money by his Italian wife, but then becomes hopelessly infatuated with her when they meet.
Adapted from the novel 'My Cousin Rachel' by Daphne du Maurier.

PP 898

Play 701

LT 758

2 - 7 September 2013
Wilderness Of Mirrors
Charles Evered
An elusive Yale University professor recruits a bright, but reluctant, young student for a career of espionage in the American secret service during World War Two.

PP 899

Play 702

LT 759

7 - 11 October 2013
I Am A Camera
John Van Druten
In 1930 Berlin, an aspiring British author develops a platonic relationship with a vivacious young cabaret singer who enjoys spending other people's money.
Adapted from the 'Berlin Stories' of Christopher Isherwood.

PP 900

Play 703

LT 760

11 - 16 November 2013 (Including A Saturday Matinee)
Calendar Girls
Tim Firth
The members of a Yorkshire Women's Institute decide to pose nude for a charity calendar, hoping to raise enough money for a settee in their local hospital oncology ward.
Adapted from the movie 'Calendar Girls'.

PP 901

Play 704

LT 761

9 - 14 December 2013
Communicating Doors
Alan Ayckbourn
A dominatrix is hired to witness a murder confession, but a mysterious doorway to the past gives her the opportunity to prevent the killing and change history.

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