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2010 - 2019

PP 923

Play 722

LT 783

11 - 16 January 2016
Prescription For Murder
Norman Robbins
A woman becomes convinced that her husband - a widowed doctor - is trying to murder her, and the arrival of a stranger seems to confirm her suspicions.

PP 924

Play 723

LT 784

15 - 20 February 2016
The Pitmen Painters
Lee Hall
A group of Northumberland miners - and one dental technician - enrol in an art appreciation class. Their lecturer encourages the men to learn by painting for themselves, with totally unexpected results.
Based on the true story of 'The Ashington Group'.

PP 925

Play 724

LT 785

14 - 19 March 2016
James Yaffe
After accidentally killing his spiteful superior, a professor of ethics must wrestle with his own high moral principles in order to remain a free man.  

PP 926

Play 725

LT 786

25 - 30 April 2016
Death In High Heels
Richard Harris
In a small haute couture house in 1930's London, fierce competition develops over a top job in the company's new branch in France, until one of the candidates meets a sudden and violent end.   
Adapted from the novel 'Death In High Heels' by Christianna Brand.

PP 927

Play 726

LT 787

6 - 11 June 2016
Nobody's Perfect
Simon Williams
A repressed statistician, believing he can make it as an author of romantic fiction, enters a competition hoping to win a publishing contract. The only drawback is that the competition is solely for female writers.   

PP 928

Play 727

LT 788

11 - 16 July 2016
Spider's Web
Agatha Christie
After finding a dead body in her house, a woman enlists the help of three friends to cover up the crime in order to prevent a scandal.   

PP 929

Play 728

LT 789

5 - 10 September 2016
Entertaining Angels
Richard Everett
Following the death of her clergyman husband and the return of her eccentric missionary sister, a widow is forced to confront some disturbing revelations about her marriage.

PP 930

Play 729

LT 790

10 - 15 October 2016
Patrick Hamilton
Two privileged, bored young men, convinced of their own intellectual superiority, hatch a plot to commit the perfect murder. Callously, they involve the family of their victim in the aftermath.
Based on the real-life 1920's Leopold and Loeb murder case

PP 931

Play 730

LT 791

7 - 12 November 2016
Ladies In Lavender
adapted by Shaun McKenna
Two ageing sisters, unmarried, educated but unsophisticated, rescue a young man who appears to have been shipwrecked near their seaside home.
Adapted from the 2004 movie 'Ladies In Lavender', directed by Charles Dance.

PP 932

Play 731

LT 792

12 - 17 December 2016
Wyrd Sisters
adapted by Stephen Briggs
Three witches are forced to act in order to protect a kingdom from falling into ruin at the hands of a tyrannical ruler.
Adapted from the novel 'Wyrd Sisters' by Terry Pratchett
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