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2010 - 2019

PP 943

LT 803

The Cemetery Club
by Ivan Menchell
15th - 20th January 2018
A trio of Jewish widows meet once a month for tea before visiting their husbands' graves, but romance unexpectedly breaks out at the cemetery.
(Previously produced in 2002)

PP 944

Play 738

LT 804

The Edge Of Darkness
by Brian Clemens
12th - 17th February 2018
A couple bring their long-lost daughter home after finding her in a convent suffering from total amnesia.

PP 945

Play 739

LT 805

Charlie's Trousers
by Alan Plater
19th - 24th March 2018
In a Tyneside art gallery after midnight, a security guard must deal with the arrival of several visitors who are intent on stealing one of the exhibits.

PP 946

Play 740

LT 806

The Railway Children
by Mike Kenny
23rd - 28th April 2018
Three young siblings have to face up to a huge upheaval in their lives when their father is taken away from the family.
Adapted from the novel 'The Railway Children' by E Nesbit

PP 947

Play 741

LT 807

No Dinners For Sinners
by Edward Taylor
12th - 17th June 2018
Faced with hosting dinner for his firm's senior director and his wife, both of whom are members of an anti-permissive society group, a stock exchange manager asks his live-in girlfriend to pose as his wife. But she refuses...

PP 948

Play 742

LT 808

Go Back For Murder
by Agatha Christie
16th - 21st July 2018
A woman learns that her mother, who died in prison after being found guilty of killing her husband, was wrongly convicted. She sets out to clear her mother’s name by bringing together all those present on the day of her father’s death to relive what happened.

PP 949

Play 743

LT 809

by Robin Hawdon
3rd - 8th September 2018
An influential politician returns from an overseas business trip to his smart Westminster flat to learn of the death of his party agent in a car crash. Soon afterwards a journalist arrives, intent on learning his reaction to the news.

PP 950

LT 810

Bedroom Farce
by Alan Ayckbourn
8th - 13th October 2018
The marital disasters of one couple weave in and out of the bedrooms of three other couples.
(Previously produced in 1991 and 1981)

PP 951

Play 744

LT 811

Fatal Encounter
by Francis Durbridge
12th - 17th November 2018
A book publisher returns home to discover his wife has shot a former friend during a struggle.

PP 952

Play 745

LT 812

A Bunch Of Amateurs
by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman
10th - 15th December 2018
In a bid to revive his career, a Hollywood action-movie star accepts a contract to play King Lear in England. He arrives believing he is to perform with the Royal Shakespeare Company, and is horrified to learn that he has to act in a barn with an amateur drama club.
Adapted from the movie, 'A Bunch Of Amateurs'.

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