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Progressive Players Gateshead
All the Plays
Above Rubies  [H Brighouse] 1956
Accidental Death of an Anarchist  [D Fo, ad. by G Richards] 2003
The Accrington Pals  [P Whelan] 2010, 1984
Adoration of Three Kings  [members of the Mercers Guild] 1922
The Affairs of Madame Parpot  [Y Cabrol] 1958
Affairs of State  [L Verneuil] 1976
After All These Years  [J Corrie] 1939
After Magritte  [T Stoppard] 1979
Ah, Wilderness  [E O'Neill] 1955
Alfie [B Naughton] 1971
All in Good Time [B Naughton] 1986
All My Sons [A Miller] 2019, 1990, 1958
All on a Summer's Day [A Sharpe] 1964
All Things Bright and Beautiful [K Waterhouse & W Hall] 1992
'Allo 'Allo [J Lloyd & D Croft]  2017
Amadeus  [P Shaffer] 2014
Amateur Means Lover
 [D Smith] 1964
Amber for Anna [A Watkyn] 1984
Among Those Present [A Feist] 1954
Anastasia [G Bolton] 1969, 1955
The Anastasia File [R Ryton] 2009
And a Nightingale Sang [C P Taylor] 2022, 1995, 1985
And Then There Were None [A Christie] 1979
Angels in Love [H Mills] 1967
Ann Veronica [R Gow] 1952
The Anniversary [B MacIlwraith] 1996, 1981
Another Time [R Harwood] 1997
Arms and the Man  [G B Shaw] 1991, 1971, 1938, 1923
Arsenic and Old Lace  [J Kesselring] 2004, 1988
As Good As New [D Perry] 1985
As You Like It [W Shakespeare] 1964
The Aspern Papers [M Redgrave] 1972
The Ass and the Philosophers [G Jones] 1965
At 'The Coach and Horses' [A Armstrong] 1947
An Authoress in Search of a Plot
[A Johnson] 1933

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