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Progressive Players Gateshead
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Babes in the Wood [J Crocker] 1973
Barbara  [J K Jerome] 1953
Barefoot in the Park  [N Simon] 1990, 1971
The Barretts of Wimpole Street [R Besier] 1977,  1946
Be My Baby [A Whittington] 2011
The Beauty Queen of Leenane [M McDonough] 2007
The Beaux Stratagem [G Farquhar] 1960
Bedroom Farce [A Ayckbourn] 2018, 1991, 1981
Beekman Place  [S Taylor] 1973
Belinda  [A A Milne] 1923
Bell, Book and Candle [J Van Druten] 1991, 1972
Berkeley Square  [J L Balderston & J C Squire] 1946
Bermondsey [J Mortimer] 1984
The Bespoke Overcoat  [W Mankowitz] 1980, 1971
The Best of Both Worlds [M Ewer] 1929
Beth  [E Williams] 1961
Betrayal [H Pinter] 2015
Beyond Reasonable Doubt [J Archer] 1993
The Big Killing  [P Mackie] 1966
A Bill of Divorcement [C Dane] 1950
Billy Liar [K Waterhouse & W Hall] 1967
Birthday Suite [R Hawdon] 1996
The Bishop's Candlesticks [N McKinnel] 1925
Biting the Bullet [F Vickery] 2001
Black Chiffon [L Storm] 1967
Black Coffee [A Christie] 1934
Black Comedy [P Shaffer] 2001, 1984
The Black Eye [J Bridie] 1960
Black Widow  [P Thain] 2004
Blithe Spirit  [N Coward] 2012, 1998, 1980, 1965
Blood Brothers [W Russell] 2010
Blow in the Dark [Moreland] 1945
Blue Murder [Unknown] 1984
Blue Stockings  [J Swale] 2015
The Blue Suit [A E Bryan] 1951
The Blunderbuss Hall Murders [E Mann] 2009
Boeing Boeing [M Camoletti, ad. by B Cross] 1993
Bonaventure [C Hastings] 1951
A Boston Story [R Gow] 1970
The Boy Who Wouldn't Play Jesus [B Kopps] 1978
Brandy Andy [A L Richardson] 1961
Brassed Off [P Allen] 2012
Breaking Point
[W Fairchild] 1994,  1968
Breath of Spring [P Coke] 2000,  1960
The Bride [G Jennings] 1957
The Brides of March [J Chapman] 1962
The Bridge of Estaban [A Swinson] 1965
The Bruiser's Election [S Schofield] 1923
Brush With a Body [M McLoughlin] 1964
A Brush With the Enemy [J Webber] 1968
Building Blocks [B Larbey] 1998
Building of the Ark [members of the Shipwrights Guild] 1921
A Bunch of Amateurs [Hislop & Newman]  2018
The Business of Murder [R Harris] 1995
Busman's Honeymoon [D L Sayers & M S Byrne] 1988
Busybody [J Popplewell] 1970
Butterflies Are Free [L Gershe] 1994,  1975
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