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Progressive Players Gateshead
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Daisy Pulls It Off [D Deegan] 2005
Dancing at Lughnasa [B Friel] 1996
Dandy Dick [A W Pinero] 1968
Dangerous Corner [J B Priestley] 2000, 1988, 1966
Dangerous Obsession [N J Crisp] 2008, 1990
Dangerous Way [E Philpotts] 1948
The Dark is Light Enough [C Fry] 1956
The Dark of the Moon [H Richardson & W Berney] 1972
Darling, I'm Home [J Popplewell] 1977
David Garrick [T W Robertson] 1925
The Day After the Fair [F Harvey] 1975
A Day in the Death of Joe Egg [P Nichols] 2004
The Day of Glory [H E Bates] 1947
Day of Reckoning [P Valentine] 2003
The Day They Kidnapped the Pope [J Bethencourt] 2002
Dead Guilty [R Harris] 2002
Dead of Night [P Whalley]  2000
Dead Ringer  [C Ross] 2002
A Dead Secret [R Ackland] 1963
Deadly Nightcap [F Durbridge] 1988
Dear Brutus [J M Barrie] 1923
Dear Charles [A Melville] 1980, 1963
Dear Departed [S Houghton] 1945
Death in High Heels [R Harris]  2016
Death of a Salesman [A Miller] 2015
Deathtrap [I Levin] 1998, 1984
The Decorator [D Churchill] 2001
The Deep Blue Sea [T Rattigan] 2009
Derelict [A Henderson] 1936
The Desperate Hours [J Hayes] 1980,  1969
The Deuce is in Him [G Colman] 1937
The Devil His Due [S Fail] 1965
Dial 'M' for Murder [F Knott] 2017, 2000,  1989,  1965
The Diary of Anne Frank [F Goodrich & A Hacket] 1959
Dinner [M Buffini] 2008
Dinner With the Family [J Anouilh, ad. by E O Marsh] 1969
Distant Point [A N Afinogenov, ad. by H Griffin] 1945
Distinguished Gathering [J Parrish] 1953
The Doctor's Dilemma [G B Shaw] 1947
A Doll's House [H Ibsen, ad. by Unknown] 1984,  1928,  1920
Don't Dress for Dinner [R Hawdon] 2000
Don't Start Without Me [J Raeburn] 1973
Double Cut [A Shaughnessy] 1997
Double Dealings [W Massey] 1934
Down Came a Blackbird [P Blackmore] 1956
The Dramatist [F Reynolds] 1930
The Dregs [F Chadwick] 1930
The Dresser [R Harwood] 2010,  1989
The Dumb Waiter [H Pinter] 2015
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