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Progressive Players Gateshead
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The Edge of Darkness  [B Clemens]  2018
The Editor  [B Bjornson, ad. by R F Sharp] 1932
Educating Rita [W Russell] 1996, 1988
The Edwardians [R Gow] 1982, 1962
The Eldest Son
[J Galsworthy] 1932
Elizabeth Refuses [M Macnamara] 1966
Emma [M H Dodds] 1944
Enchanted April [S Barber] 2014
The End of the Affair
[R Goold & C Butler] 2009
An Enemy of the People [H Ibsen, ad. by C Hampton] 1946, 1926
The Enquiry [C Hastings] 1983
Enter a Free Man [T Stoppard] 1975
Equally Divided [R Harwood] 2013
An Evening With Gary Lineker
[A Smith & C England] 2012
Everybody Loves Opal [J Patrick] 1995, 1980, 1974
Everyman [C Cox] 1971, 1953
An Evil Thing  [S-M Simpson]  2022
An Experiment With an Airpump [S Stephenson] 2002
The Eye of the Needle [A Johnson] 1926
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