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Progressive Players Gateshead
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Garafelia's Husband [E W Bates] 1934 (twice)
Gaslight [P Hamilton] 2007, 1994, 1982
Generations Apart [P Gordon] 2004
The Gentle Hook [F Durbridge] 1977
Get Up and Tie Your Fingers [A Coburn] 2015
The Ghost Train [A Ridley] 2017, 1986
The Gifts of the Old Women [S Norman] 1944, 1943, 1934 (twice)
Gigi [A Loos] 1963
Gingerbread Lady [N Simon] 1982
The Gioconda Smile [A Huxley] 1950
A Girl for the Hall [M Nugent] 1943
The Giver [N Hall] 1933
The Glass Menagerie [T Williams] 1995, 1971
Go Back for Murder  [A Christie]  2018
The Godsend [N W Hooke] 1961
The Golden Apple [M H Dodds] 1924
The Golden Fleece [J B Priestley] 1953
Golden Rain [R F Delderfield] 1961
The Good Old Days [C Hampton] 1931
Goodnight Mrs Puffin [A Lovegrove] 1987
The Government Inspector [N Gogol, ad. by D J Campbell] 1984, 1949
Great Expectations [M H Dodds] 1952, 1933
Gretna Green [W D Cocker] 1941
GSOH [P Drake] 2010
Guinea-Pig [W Chetham-Strode] 1952
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