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Progressive Players Gateshead
All the Plays
Ma Vatch [T B Morris] 1951
Macbeth  [W Shakespeare] 1949
Madame La Baronne [H H Janes] 1953
Maid to Order [M Laws] 1958, 1947
The Maintenance Man [R Harris] 1997
A Majority of One [L Speigelgass] 1982
Making Waves [S Clark]  2017
The Man [M Dinelli] 1985, 1973
A Man About the House [J Perry] 1966
A Man For All Seasons [R Bolt] 1982
The Man in Grey [Lady E Smith] 1962
The Man Most Likely To... [J Raeburn] 1978
The Man of Destiny [G B Shaw] 1920
The Man Who Fell In Love With His Wife [T Whitehead] 1995
Mary, Mary [J Kerr] 1977
Mary Rose
[J M Barrie] 1961
The Mask and the Face [J Fernald] 1956
Master Dudley [P Johnson] 1954
The Master of the House [S Houghton] 1933
The Matchmaker  [T Wilder, from the original by J Nestroy] 1981
The Mayerling Affair [R F Delderfield] 1978, 1959
Meet the Family [J J Melluish] 1959
The Memory of Water [S Stephenson] 2005
Men Should Weep [E L Stewart] 1993
The Merchant of Venice [W Shakespeare] 1968, 1923
The Merry Wives of Windsor  [W Shakespeare] 1953
Michael  [M Malleson] 1959
Midsummer Mink [P Coke] 1989, 1966
A Midsummer Night's Dream  [W Shakespeare] 1943
The Mighty Mandarin [G Trease] 1968
The Militants [N Holland] 1972
The Millionairess  [G B Shaw] 1949
The Miracle Worker [W Gibson] 1973
Miranda  [Peter Blackmore] 2015
The Miser [Moliere, ad. by M Malleson] 1950
Misery  [S Moore] 2005
Miss Roach's War [R Kane] 2001
Miss Robinson [E Baker] 1925
Mister Lear [R Maugham] 1978
Moloch  [W Carter] 1936
A Month of Sundays [B Larbey] 2009, 1990
Morning Star [S Regan] 1973
Mort  [S Briggs] 2000
Mother Figure [A Ayckbourn] 1993
Move Over, Mrs Markham [J Chapman & R Cooney]1981
Mr "H" [C Lamb] 1931
Mr Fothergill Joins the Angels [W Dinner] 1980, 1953
Mr Sampson [C Lee] 1961
Mrs Clark's Tea Party [A Johnson] 1924
Mrs Grundy Comes to Tea [L D Peach] 1959
Mrs Hodges [M Macnamara] 1922
Mrs Warren's Profession [G B Shaw] 1932
Much Ado About Nothing [W Shakespeare] 1922
Murder at the Vicarage [M Charles & B Toy] 1981
Murder By Misadventure [E Taylor] 2009
Murder By the Book [D Greenwood & R King] 1991
The Murder Game [C Cox] 2001
Murder in Company [P King & J Boland] 1993
A Murder is Announced [L Darbon] 2011
Murder Mistaken [J Green] 1998, 1977
The Murder of Maria Marten [B J Burton] 1972, 1968
Murder on the Nile [A Christie] 1987
Murder Story [L Kennedy] 1957
Murder With Love [F Durbridge] 1997
Murdered to Death [P Gordon] 2003
My Brilliant Divorce  [G Aron] 2022
My Cousin Rachel [D Morgan] 2013
My Friend Miss Flint
[D Churchill & P Yeldham] 2004
My Mother Said I Never Should [C Keatley] 1991
My Neighbour [A L Richardson] 1947
My Sister Eileen [J Fields & J Chodorov] 1967
My Three Angels [S & B Spewack, from the original by A Husson] 1994, 1962
Mystery at Blackwater [D Sutherland] 1994, 1968
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