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Progressive Players Gateshead
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Pack of Lies  [H Whitemore] 2006, 1987
Pardon Me, Prime Minister [E Taylor & J Graham] 1985
Party Piece [R Harris] 1999
A Party to Murder [M Cash & D E Hughes] 2001
Passing of the Third Floor Back [J K Jerome] 1926
The Path of Glory [L D Peach] 1935
The Pedestal of Ozymandias [B Ridley] 1954
The Pen of My Aunt [G Daviot] 1966
The Pennine Way [R Dodds] 1950 (twice)
Penny For a Song [J Whiting] 1955
Person Unknown [D Butler] 1968
The Petition [B Clark] 1997
The Philanderer [G B Shaw] 1930
Photo Finish [P Ustinov] 1976
Pictures On the Wall [I Brown] 1956
The Pigeon With the Silver Foot  [P H Johnson & C P Snow] 1956
Pillars of the Community [H Ibsen, ad. by U Ellis-Fermor] 1958, 1930
Pink String and Sealing Wax [R Pertwee] 1996
The Pitman's Pay [R Dodds] 1937, 1926, 1922
The Pitmen Painters  [L Hall]  2016
Playhouse Creatures [A de Angelis] 2015
Plaza Suite  [N Simon] 1976
The Pleasure of His Company [S Taylor & C Skinner] 1966
The Poker Session [H Leonard] 2007, 1992, 1922
Poltergeist  [F Harvey] 1987
The Pool By the Dragon Gate [E G Andrews] 1960
The Prattling Prentice [N Holland] 1954
Prescription For Murder  [N Robbins] 2016
Present From the Past [R Everett] 1996
Present Laughter [N Coward] 1978
The Pressed Man (Sailor's Return) [R Dodds] 1938, 1927
The Price [A Miller] 2006
The Price of Coal [H Brighouse] 1923
The Price of Thomas Scott [E Baker] 1926
The Prince's Page [M Laws] 1947
Prison Without Bars [P Barwell] 1950
The Prisoner's Friend  [Peter Drake]  2017
Private Lives [N Coward] 1983
The Professor From Peking [S I Hsiung] 1940
Pygmalion [G B Shaw] 2020, 1983, 1944, 1933
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