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Progressive Players Gateshead
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Rain  [J Colton & C Randolph] 1962
The Rainmaker [N R Nash] 1980, 1966
Rape of the Belt [B W Levy] 1991
Reaction [M H Dodds] 1935
The Real Inspector Hound [T Stoppard] 1979
Rebecca  [D Du Maurier] 2004, 1981
Red Riding Hood [J Crocker] 1976
The Red Velvet Goat [J Niggli] 1965
Relative Values [N Coward] 1989, 1958
Relatively Speaking [A Ayckbourn] 1999, 1987, 1970
The Remarkable Mr Pennypacker [L O'Brien] 1980, 1957
Report From Contreros [M Lines] 1967
A Respectable Funeral [J Chinn] 2008 (twice)
Retrospect  [P Portus] 1954
Revenge  [R Hawdon]  2018
Reynold Fox  [M H Dodds] 1943, 1938, 1936
Ride a Tiger [A Booth] 1961
Riders To the Sea [J M Synge] 1959
Ring Round the Moon [J Anouilh, ad. by C Fry] 1978
The Riot Act [W Greene] 1975
Rise and Shine [L Alexander] 1999
The Rivals [R B Sheridan] 1992, 1974, 1954, 1928
Roar Like a Dove [L Storm] 1971
Robin Hood  [J Waites] 1985
The Romantic Young Lady [G & M Martinez-Sierra, ad. by H & H Granville-Barker] 1954
A Romany Reaping  [K W Close] 1935
A Room In the Tower [T B Morris] 1945
Rope  [P Hamilton]  2016
Rough Justice [T Frisby] 1997
Round and Round the Garden [A Ayckbourn] 1979
The Roundelay Tradition [R F Delderfield] 1959
Rumours  [N Simon] 2012
[Unknown] 1984
Run For Your Wife [R Cooney] 1995
RUR  [K Kapek, ad by N Playfair] 1944
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