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Progressive Players Gateshead
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Wait Until Dark  [F Knott] 1989, 1974
Waiting for Gillian [R Millar] 1960
Waiting in the Wings  [N Coward] 2010, 1974
Waltz of the Toreadors [J Anouilh, ad. by L Hill] 1985
Waters of the Moon  [N C Hunter] 1958
The Way to Keep Him [A Murphy] 1928
The Wedding at Pemberley [A & A Russell] 1951
We Happy Few [I Stubbs] 2013
The Weekend [M Palin] 1997
When We Are Married  [J B Priestley] 2005, 1983, 1964, 1945
While the Sun Shines  [T Rattigan] 1991
The Whistler [A Henderson] 1937
White Blackmail [E Percy] 1956
The White Cockade [A L Richardson] 1946 (twice)
The White Steed [P V Carroll] 1949
The Whiteheaded Boy [L Robinson] 1956
Whiteoaks  [M de la Roche] 1961
Who Lies There?  [P Johnson] 1998
The Whole Truth [P Mackie] 1983, 1957
Whose Life Is It, Anyway? [B Clarke] 1982
Wife After Death  [E Chappell] 2013
Wilderness of Mirrors  [C Evered] 2013
The Will  [J M Barrie] 1964
Wind in the Branches of the Sassafras  [R de Obaldia, ad. by J Foster] 1988, 1976
Windows  [J Galsworthy] 1928
The Wingless Victory  [M Anderson] 1954
The Winslow Boy [T Rattigan] 2008, 1980, 1951
Wisdom of Eve [M Orr & R Denham] 1967
The Witch of Eye [A L Richardson] 1951
Witness For the Prosecution  [A Christie] 1960
Wives and Daughters [M Macnamara] 1948
Woman in Mind [A Ayckbourn] 2011, 1991
The Woman in White [C Cox] 2011
Worm's Eye View [R F Delderfield] 1995
Wyrd Sisters  [S Briggs]  2016
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