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Progressive Players Gateshead
All the Plays
Baker, Elizabeth

Balderston, John L
(with J C Squire)

Barber, Matthew

Barillet, Pierre
(with Jean Pierre Gredy)

Baring, Maurice

Barling, Edith M

Barlow, Patrick

Baron, Jeff

Barrie, James Matthew

Bartram, Frances

Barwell, Peggy

Bates, Esther Willard

Bates, Herbert Ernest

Batson, George

Bax, Clifford

Beevers, Geoffrey

Benfield, Derek

Bennett, Alan

Berney, William
(with Howard Richardson)

Besier, Rudolf

Bethencourt, Joao

Betti, Ugo

Bettinson, Rob

Beynon, Richard

Bjornson, Bjornstjerne
  • The Editor (adapted by R Farquharson Sharp) [1932]

Blackmore, Peter

Boland, John
(with Philip King)

Bolt, Robert

Bolton, Guy
  • Anastasia (adaptation of original play by Marcelle Maurette) [1969, 1955]
(with P G Wodehouse)

Booth, Anthony

Bottomley, Gordon

Bowen, John

Brett, Michael

Brett, Simon

Brides, Ivory

Bridie, James

Briggs, Stephen

Brighouse, Harold

Brooks, Vanessa

Brown, Ivor

Brown, Julian
(with Marie Brown and Andrew & Lorraine Heard)

Brown, Marie
(with Julian Brown and Andrew & Lorraine Heard)

Browne, Wynyard

Bryan, A E

Buffini, Moira

Burrows, Abe
  • Cactus Flower (adaptation of original play by Pierre Barillet & Jean Pierre Gredy) [1982]

Burton, Brian John

Butler, Caroline
(with Rupert Goold)

Butler, David
  • Person Unknown (adaptation of original play by Olive Chase and Stanley Clayton) [1968]

Byrne, Muriel St Clare
(with Dorothy L Sayers)
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