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Progressive Players Gateshead
All the Plays
Cabrol, Yves

Calderon, George

Camoletti, Marc

Campbell, D J

Campton, David

Canny, Steven
(with John Nicholson)

Canolle, Jean

Carey, Falkland
(with Philip King)

Carmichael, Fred

Carroll, Paul Vincent

Carter, Winifred

Cash, Marcia
(with Douglas E Hughes)

Cassidy, Maud
(with Peter Coke)

Cavendish, Jean
(with Miles Malleson)

Chadwick, Fred

Chapman, John
(with Dave Freeman)
(with Ray Cooney)

Chappell, Eric

Charles, Moie
(with Barbara Toy)

Chase, Olive
(with Stanley Clayton)

Chetham-Strode, Warren

Chinn, Jimmie

Chodorov, Jerome
(with Joseph Fields)

Christie, Agatha

Churchill, Donald
(with Peter Yeldham)

Clapham, Peter

Clark, Brian

Clark, Steven

Clarke, Brian

Clayton, Stanley
(with Olive Chase)

Clemens, Brian

Clements, John

Close, Kathleen W

Coburn, Ann

Cocker, W D

Cocteau, Jean

Coke, Peter

Colley, Peter

Colman, George
(with David Garrick)

Colton, John
(with Clemence Randolph)

Colvill, R
(with R Walker)

Constanduros, Mabel
(with Howard Agg)

Cooney, Ray

Corrie, Joe
(with John Chapman)

Coward, Noel

Cox, Constance

Crane, Richard

Crisp, Norman James

Crocker, John
(with lyrics by Eric Gilder)

Croft, David
(with Jeremy Lloyd)

Cronin, Archibald Joseph

Cross, Beverley
  • Boeing, Boeing (adaptation of the original play by Marc Camoletti) [1993]

Crouse, Russell
(with Howard Lindsay)
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