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Progressive Players Gateshead
All the Plays
Gallacher, Tom

Galsworthy, John

Garrick, David
(with George Colman)

Gates, Sidney Barrington

Gershe, Leonard

Gibson, William

Gilbert, Michael

Ginsbury, Norman

Gittins, Anthony

Glennie, A J

Glew, Jill
(with A C Thomas)

Godber, John

Goetz, Augustus
(with Ruth Goetz)

Goetz, Ruth
(with Augustus Goetz)

Gogol, Nicholai V

Goldman, James

Goldoni, Carlo

Goldsby, Angela
(with Robert Goldsby)

Goldsby Robert
(with Angela Goldsby)

Goldsmith, Oliver

Goodrich, Frances
(with Albert Hacket)

Goold, Rupert
(with Caroline Butler)

Gordon, Peter

Gow, Ronald

Graham, John
(with Edward Taylor)

Granville-Barker, Harley
(with Helen Granville-Barker)

Granville-Barker, Helen
(with Harley Granville-Barker)

Gredy, Jean Pierre
(with Pierre Barillet)

Green, Janet

Green, Michael

Greene, Graham

Greene, Will

Greenwood, Duncan
(with Robert King)

Greenwood, Walter

Griffin, Hubert
  • Distant Point (adaptation of original play by Aleksandr Nikolayevich Afinogenov) [1945]

Guitry, Sacha

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